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Corner Lintels and Posts

A CORNER LINTEL is simply one or more standard straight lintels mitred and welded together to form one or more corners...


The CAPACITY of the corner lintel is the capacity of the straight lintel selected, taking the clear span as the greatest distance between bearing points or posts.

In a lintel such as a BAY configuration (shown right) some spans may carry more load than others, but it is easiest to use the same lintel section for all so the mitre connections are tidy.


Typically, corner lintels require POSTS to support the corners, otherwise thay would fall over! We have a standard range of pre-designed posts for you to choose from, depending on the required length and load capacity - shown below:


Download our 2-page Corner Lintel & Post Guide and order form here pdf

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Refer to our catalogue. In some cases it is possible to design corner lintels without posts, offering architectural advantages. The lintels can be made to cantilever at the bearings - contact our technical department for assistance.